The Coaching Retreat as a powerful source of energy

The term “retreat” is used in the sense of a time-out from noisy everyday life. Originally, the concept stems from Buddhism: monks retreat to a remote place in complete peace for meditation and self-discovery.

In our “Coaching Retreats” we go one step further. Together we unfold our resources, our inner balance and find our personal compass through self-reflection in order to realign ourselves and use our potentials. In a special atmosphere we focus on the questions whose answers give us orientation for individual goals: 
”Where do I come from? Where do I stand? Where do I want to go?“

Mindfulness, motivation and esteem are no modern empty words for us, but part of our corporate culture. In our coaching retreats we accompany you with little theory, but with a lot of stimulating exchange, exciting changes of perspective and a pinch of humour.

Discover your inner strength, new impulses and clarifying foresight for your everyday life – whether in a business or private context.
We offer coaching retreats for companies as well as for private individuals.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Retreat offers for companies

BCA Coaching Retreats für Unternehmen

Retreat offers for companies

Steering and leading successfully from inner strength!

The executive retreat “Leading powerfully” is aimed at leaders who want to deal with their inner forces in order to lead with strength and clarity. In this valuable time-out, you will have the unique opportunity to reflect on things that you do not illuminate in your everyday life under time pressure.
You can fully concentrate on yourself, take a step back, adopt different perspectives, act and decide consciously. Discover your own potential more precisely and develop your leadership personality further.
The goal: Away from time pressure, hectic and complexity of the everyday leadership life – to internal strength, calmness and clarity.
Become aware of your strengths and resources in order to use them in a targeted and effective way for your management tasks.

Participants: Leaders from all levels, managers, managing directors, project leaders who would like to concern themselves with their own person and their inner strengths so that they can go back empowered to their everyday leadership work.
Special features:

As a coach-team, we work very intensively with the group and each individual participant. During the seminar, each participant receives individual coaching units with regard to his / her own strengths and development potential as a coaching leader.

In an extraordinary and appreciative environment and atmosphere at eye-level, the leaders and managers are provided with the opportunity to reflect on matters which they don’t reflect on in their day-to-day work due to time pressure. They can use these insights and experiences to subsequently lead –  empowered in other ways, in a new sense of clarity and consciousness, confidently and foresightedly – and to take action decisively.

Number of Participants: Small groups of up to 10 participants.
  • Own determination of personal position:
    • WHERE do I come from?
    • WHAT are my roots and sources?
    • WHERE do I stand today?
  • Life-balance wheel.
  • Work on inner attitude.
  • Personal goals, priorities – using time consciously.
  • Careful and conscious handling of your own resources.
  • Work on the inner connection to oneself.
  • Personal focus.
Scope & Duration: 5 days, 22th – 26th of September 2020
Costs: 3.850,- Euros plus VAT
Trainer / Coach: One to two coaches from the BCA Business Coaching Akademie GmbH & Co. KG


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Retreat offers for private individuals

Take a time-out and sharpen your consciousness!

Under our special offer MAKE YOUR LIFE HAPPEN we have developed the following extraordinary retreat formats especially for private individuals, far away from everyday life.


is a unique opportunity to take a break from everyday life, to reflect, to explore your own identity and to find your personal answers to the important questions: Where do I come from? Where do I stand? Where do I want to go?

When: From 22th – 26th of April 2020

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are the ideal kick-off for those who want to consciously take a break from everyday life and discover how different life can be if we are mindful of ourselves and our feelings.

When: From 13th – 15th of February 2020

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