BCA Experten -

Claudia Büring

Year of birth 1969

  • Trainer and coach since 2017
  • Main focus (German or English): management training and coaching, employee leadership, team leadership, team development, accompanying change processes, moderation, conflict mediation, process optimisation
  • Education: Master of Nutritional Science
  • 12 years of management experience in a corporation
  • international project responsibility and steering
  • 23 years of experience in the field of marketing
  • Further education: systemic moderation and systemic coach, University of Kiel

I’m familiar with change from both perspectives: the active / formative role as a leader and the more passive /receiving role as an employee. As a moderator and coach, I provide professional accompaniment in team development, leadership and strategy processes. From my long-standing experience, I have developed a fine sense for underlying issues, as well, which are often the cause of resistance. Companies of various size profit from my clear eye for the system and its connections.

“We can not not communicate. ” Based loosely on Paul Watzlawick