BCA Experten -

René Steinbusch

Yera of birth 1973

  • Trainer and coach since 2011
  • Main focus: management coaching, moderation, personality development, mindfulness topics, team development, systemic advising, mindfulness-based coaching, support in change processes
  • Education: degree in Business Administration
  • Long-standing experience as a corporate advisor
  • Long-standing experience as a project leader in the fields of e-commerce and marketing
  • Further education: business coach IHK; mindfulness-based systemic coach, system and team constellations

Professional experience as a corporate advisor, being the owner of an agency and my work as a mindfulness-based, systemic coach are the props and mirrors for my clients. “Often the problem is not the problem, but rather the way we look at it“. I would like to look at it together with you – with empathy, trust and a dash of ease as a basis for a successful working relationship. That’s how change can begin and be shaped.

“we carry the solution inside of us- it is necessary to take the courage to take a look to clear the way for change.”