Make Change happen!
Initiating change processes

Real change is possible. We experience it all the time. We´ve been working effectively with individuals, teams and organizations for over 20 years and have helped them to manage minor as well as major changes sustainably and successfully.

What would you like to change? Let´s find an individual solution to suit your personal goals and situation. Together. With expertise, passion and the right amount of fun and humor.

Be a change maker! Make change happen!

BCA Coaching im Business - Martina Martin & Bettina Seidel-Whitelaw

We are facilitators and experts for your change processes.
Our core services in German and in English:


By means of our individual solutions for companies, we work in, on and for the business of our clients, specifically optimising processes and cooperation.


In coaching, we create a protected setting for deliberate confrontation regarding personal matters and support individuals in reaching their goals.


In our academy, we combine experience and passion to enable people to make empowering changes and to develop themselves further.

20 Years of Successful Business Coaching