Change of perspective – support in times of crisis
Our new formats:

Communication and leadership in a crisis

How can the balancing act between empathy and focus on the essential tasks be mastered? Unexpected challenges, working well and dealing with distance – our coaches give you impulses for new approaches, perspectives and solutions. For direct implementation in “remote” everyday life.

As a team through the crisis

How can we live and create solidarity and closeness in the team despite physical distance? Video conferences, telephone calls, e-mail traffic – despite communication in digital space, actual encounters are possible. After a location analysis, we look ahead and consider together which positive developments and structures you can use profitably for your team in the future.

Self-care in the crisis

How do I give myself security in uncertain times? Which inner attitude helps me to stay in touch and capable of acting? How do I deal with visibility, proximity and distance? And how do I keep control over my daily work routine? We offer you the opportunity to pause, to take a look at your own needs and to develop structures that will be sustainable in the future.

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Make Change happen!
Initiating change processes

Real change is possible. We experience it all the time. We´ve been working effectively with individuals, teams and organizations for over 20 years and have helped them to manage minor as well as major changes sustainably and successfully.

What would you like to change? Let´s find an individual solution to suit your personal goals and situation. Together. With expertise, passion and the right amount of fun and humor.

Be a change maker! Make change happen!

We are facilitators and professionals for your change processes.
Key focuses of our German and English services:

By means of our individual solutions for companies, we work in, on and for the business of our clients, specifically optimising processes and cooperation.
In coaching, we create a protected setting for deliberate confrontation regarding personal matters and support individuals in reaching their goals.
In our academy, we combine experience and passion to enable people to make empowering changes and to develop themselves further.

20 Years of Successful Business Coaching

Individual solutions for you and your organization