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Coaching – out of a sense of passion

Coaching is a powerful and goal-oriented instrument of change. Supported by the coach, the coachee is given the opportunity to deal with his questions and topics, work out solutions to his concerns and find out what´s needed to reach his goals.

In an open and insightful fashion, the coach presents the coachee with matters that have come up during the training using targeted questions, having a keen eye for what the situation is really about and providing direct and personal feedback.

Together, the coach and coachee reflect on the coachee´s behavior and attitude towards a particular situation with particular environment, and customized strategies and solutions are developed.

Within our understanding of systemic coaching, we always takte into account the impact that the desired changes may have on the coachee´s respective system and integrate them directly into the change process. That´s how it becomes possible to implement particularly sustainable change. The content of the coaching will, of course, be kept confidential.

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For over 20 years, executive coaching has stood in the forefront of our work and is our particular passion. We support management of all levels to master challenges, to enjoy shaping the leadership role in a cognizant and effective way and to ripen into a real executive personage. Of course, we take into account the different individual potentials and personalities.
Frequent topics in management coaching are:

  • developing an authentic management style
  • reflecting on personal leadership behavior
  • communicating adequately and confidently
  • receiving external personal feedback
  • new or challenging team constellations
  • leadership and decision-making competencies
  • adjusting to first leadership role
  • raining of perception skills
  • developing conflict resolution strategies
  • strategic professional positioning

The TMS® (Team Management System) developed by Margerison-McCann is a globally recognized assessment system used in the areas of personnel development, team development and organization development. The Personal Team Management Profile (TMP) provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual’s work preferences, leadership and decision-making behavior, social skills, and organizational styles.
Therefore, it is an excellent tool which allows people to become aware of their own preferences, potential, and strengths, and to utilize them for their personal or professional development. Executives and project managers can further learn how to effectively assemble their teams, and how to develop and promote a strong team spirit.

People seek to be coached by us for a variety of issues or subjects. Coaching is always targeted towards your personal needs and is ideal for resolving or changing professional and personal challenges. Common topics include:

  • important decisions
  • change processes, transition phases
  • preparing for a challenge
  • conflict or issue resolutions
  • targeted professional positioning
  • need for external feedback
  • „releasing the brakes“ to reach Goals
  • goal and vision development
  • changing communication and visibility
  • leadership and decision-making skills
  • uncovering strengths and potential
  • strengthening of self-confidence
  • self Management
  • life and career planning
  • Work-Life-Balance

Our customers about us

"Inspiring, appreciative and with a lot of heart and soul! This is how my team and I experienced the workshops. Refreshing ways of thinking stimulate reflection and provide encouragement and motivation for further development. Gladly, time and time again!"
Executive, Otto GmbH & Co. KG
"Compact and challenging training that addresses both personal development and the expansion of methodical competence. The BCA Academy has created a first-class programme which is characterised by the commitment, the many years of experience well as and the know-how of the owners. The experienced and outstanding teamwork of the lecturers and the exchange, feedback and work in the group have provided me with the means for a lot of personal development. Many thanks for that!"
Stephan B., Managing Director Financial Services
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