Coaching for private individuals

Even if coaching has become established primarily in professional contexts, it is exceptionally suitable as an instrument of change for nearly all matters. That’s why we are excited about having more and more private individuals come to us to actively take advantage of coaching in order to reach their desires and goals.
Whether it’s about finding clarity, letting go of the brakes, reaching a goal, mastering a challenge or planning the next professional step, coaching helps to attain clarity and to truly bring about the desired change.
In doing so, coaching is always oriented to personal need. In a first appointment, the coach and the client can get to know each other without commitment and, after a talk, decide together whether they want to work with each other. Of course, everything that is discussed in coaching remains confidential.

Frequent topics in coaching for private individuals

  • Finding clarity, making important decisions
  • Letting go of the brakes and reaching personal goals
  • Mastering change processes and phases of upheaval
  • Recognising one’s own strengths and potential
  • Strengthening self-confidence and self-effectiveness
  • Preparing for a challenge
  • Receiving feedback from a neutral person
  • Changing communication and external impact
  • Working on life / career planning, visions
  • Improving self-management or work-life balance

Our customers about us

"Inspiring, appreciative and with a lot of heart and soul! This is how my team and I experienced the workshops. Refreshing ways of thinking stimulate reflection and provide encouragement and motivation for further development. Gladly, time and time again!"
Executive, Otto GmbH & Co. KG
"Compact and challenging training that addresses both personal development and the expansion of methodical competence. The BCA Academy has created a first-class programme which is characterised by the commitment, the many years of experience well as and the know-how of the owners. The experienced and outstanding teamwork of the lecturers and the exchange, feedback and work in the group have provided me with the means for a lot of personal development. Many thanks for that!"
Stephan B., Managing Director Financial Services
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