Team Building

There are many reasons why there might be friction between employees or team members. Teams have to find themselves anew after changes such as reorganizations, leadership changes or new corporate goals or tasks have been implemented.

Often, a successful cooperation is disrupted by interpersonal dynamics, hidden conflicts, personal feelings or unexpressed needs. Team development may be useful in these cases. Our extensive experience enables us to identify the stumbling blocks existent in the team or in the process. Building on that, we develop a tailor-made solution: from coaching individual team members or executives, engaging in a team moderation, or even going through a conflict mediation process between individuals or the entire team. We ensure that critical issues are addressed and dealt with in such a way that each person involved will support the outcome.

Team members will develop a bond by providing each other with overt, personal feedback. This, in turn, will allow them to accept responsibility for themselves and the situation, and also to find a team solution supported by everyone involved.

Team building with TMS®

The TMS® (Team Management System®) developed by Margerison-McCann is a globally recognized assessment system used in the areas of personnel development, team development and organization development. The Personal Team Management Profile® (TMS®) provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual’s work preferences, leadership and decision-making behavior, social skills, and organizational styles. Therefore, it is an excellent tool which allows people to become aware of their own preferences, potential, and strengths, and to utilize them for their personal or professional development. Executives and project managers can further learn how to effectively assemble their teams, and how to develop and promote a strong team spirit.

Team building with LSP – Lego Serious Play

When a team needs to solve problems quickly and effectively, develop a common understanding of a particular issue, or develop a common vision, LEGO Serious Play is a proven team development method. As accredited LEGO Serious Play coaches, we are happy to work with the LEGO Serious Play method for this focus in a team development process.

This innovative moderation method enables all available resources, potentials and ideas of all team members to be integrated in a playful way, without judging. In a playful and appreciative way, existing opportunities, risks and challenges are illuminated via visualization and exchange and developed into a common whole. As certified LEGO Serious Play Coaches we facilitate, accompany and support the process.

Our customers about us

"Bettina Seidel-Whitelaw is a master at how to think her way into team structures, how to ignite team spirit by implementing exciting tools and methods and, at the same time, how to show each team member his or her own potential and that of others. My team incredibly enjoyed the workshop - the feedback was extremely positive, and the “WE”-feeling is still noticeable today."
Director, ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG
"Martina, these were two great, eventful and instructive days! Every day, I get new, positive feedback from my team. I can’t recall ever being so fired-up after such a meeting. I feel great and full of energy! Thank you very much."
Sebastian Schull, Sales Director, Sennheiser Vertrieb & Service
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