We are BCA

The BCA – that’s us! For over 20 years, we have been working successfully and passionately as business coaches and trainers. Moving people and sustainably effecting real change with our clients – that’s what drives us! Here, it is always important to us, time and time again, to have a closer look at ourselves at the BCA, to move with the changes of the market and, most importantly, to live – internally – what we initiate with our valued clients in the field and what we do to help support in change processes. In our BCA manifest, we, as a team, have committed to things that apply to our work and how we work together. We are pleased to share these things with you:

  • We work with joy and ease.
  • We live clarity.
  • We love togetherness and support each other at all times.
  • We act independently and reflect.
  • We are solution-oriented from the position of: YES – where is the solution?

Individual solutions for you and your organization

Our customers about us

"A great experience, which has left its mark on me personally and professionally, and a path that is far from over. I’m also learning more about it every day and I'm happy to take out my personal documents when I have specific questions! Absolutely recommendable for people who want something more than the usual standard!"

Anja Babbe-Wulf, District Manager Assurances

"Inspiring, appreciative and with a lot of heart and soul! This is how my team and I experienced the workshops. Refreshing ways of thinking stimulate reflection and provide encouragement and motivation for further development. Gladly, time and time again!"

Executive, Otto GmbH & Co. KG

"As with my training as a business coach, I was particularly impressed by the intensity of the training. The participants come for different reasons and of course also bring in their own family topics. It's fascinating what happens in two days! What I could take for myself just by listening! I also thought it was great that so much happened automatically. It wasn't hard, energy-consuming work or anything. Things happen by themselves and work in one. This makes it easy and beautiful and occupies you in an individual and also miraculous way. I also liked how positively exhausted I was one evening. The visualization of family systems was a real aha experience. This transparency! But I also took some things from the family constellation with me on the subject of understanding roles in the family. Defining one's own position in the family is sometimes very surprising!"

Stephan Knüppel, Entrepreneur

"Martina, these were two great, eventful and instructive days! Every day, I get new, positive feedback from my team. I can’t recall ever being so fired-up after such a meeting. I feel great and full of energy! Thank you very much."

Sebastian Schull, Sales Director, Sennheiser Vertrieb & Service