BCA Business Coaching Akademie

Coaching competence for professional and private practice

Based on over 20 years of coaching experience and our great passion for people and change, we have developed a further education program to becoming an IHK-certified business coach in which you specifically develop real coaching competence for professional and private practice.

Our aspiration for all of our further education programs and workshops is for our participants to specifically develop real competencies that they can successfully implement in practice. In order to reach this goal, we put emphasis on:

  • Small groups & intensive personal support
  • Effective continuous practice training
  • Personal further development
  • IHK Certificate

The goal of our further education programs is to provide you with real coaching competence that you can successfully use in your professional life. This is why we work with small groups and put great emphasis on intensive support, lots of hands-on practice and your personal further development. Moreover, you obtain an IHK Certificate which is a recognised qualification in the business world.

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Our customers about us

"A great experience, which has left its mark on me personally and professionally, and a path that is far from over. I’m also learning more about it every day and I'm happy to take out my personal documents when I have specific questions! Absolutely recommendable for people who want something more than the usual standard!"
Anja Babbe-Wulf, District Manager Assurances
"Compact and challenging training that addresses both personal development and the expansion of methodical competence. The BCA Academy has created a first-class programme which is characterised by the commitment, the many years of experience well as and the know-how of the owners. The experienced and outstanding teamwork of the lecturers and the exchange, feedback and work in the group have provided me with the means for a lot of personal development. Many thanks for that!"
Stephan B., Managing Director Financial Services
"As with my training as a business coach, I was particularly impressed by the intensity of the training. The participants come for different reasons and of course also bring in their own family topics. It's fascinating what happens in two days! What I could take for myself just by listening! I also thought it was great that so much happened automatically. It wasn't hard, energy-consuming work or anything. Things happen by themselves and work in one. This makes it easy and beautiful and occupies you in an individual and also miraculous way. I also liked how positively exhausted I was one evening. The visualization of family systems was a real aha experience. This transparency! But I also took some things from the family constellation with me on the subject of understanding roles in the family. Defining one's own position in the family is sometimes very surprising!"
Stephan Knüppel, Entrepreneur
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