Take the Lead!

Effective management is a complex task that requires a variety of demanding skills. Executives are faced with a variety of expectations and increasingly rapidly changing requirements.
We support our clients to master these challenges, to shape their own management role with awareness, effectiveness and joy, and to mature into genuine leadership personalities. In doing so, we invariably take individual potential and personality factors into consideration.

Strengthen Your Leadership Skills!

The path to purposeful growth is usually highly individual. You would like to strengthen your own or your team’s leadership skills? You would like to change the leadership culture of your company? Then let us jointly discover the right solution for your specific goals and circumstances.

Effectively collaborating with managers has always been the focus of our work and is our great passion – extending from individual one-on-one-coaching, to coaching and development programs or specific training measures.

Change Competency for Managers

Additionally, in leadership development, we put an emphasis on the development of fundamental competencies, which will have a lasting effect long after our collaboration is done. These include, for example, recognizing and adjusting one’s own thought and action patterns. This allows managers to effortlessly face new challenges and circumstances, and to interact and communicate with other people in a continuously poised and authentic manner.

Our customers about us

"Bettina Seidel-Whitelaw is a master at how to think her way into team structures, how to ignite team spirit by implementing exciting tools and methods and, at the same time, how to show each team member his or her own potential and that of others. My team incredibly enjoyed the workshop - the feedback was extremely positive, and the “WE”-feeling is still noticeable today."
Director, ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG
"Martina, these were two great, eventful and instructive days! Every day, I get new, positive feedback from my team. I can’t recall ever being so fired-up after such a meeting. I feel great and full of energy! Thank you very much."
Sebastian Schull, Sales Director, Sennheiser Vertrieb & Service
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