Leading effectively!

Management coaching is a main focus of our work and one of our special passions. Leading effectively is a complex task which requires a range of demanding competencies. Managers bear the responsibility for themselves as well as others and are confronted with the most various expectations. In an environment characterised by permanent change, they are challenged to reach people, to make the right decisions and to successfully shape the changes for everyone.

Strengthening leadership competencies and personality

Our expert coaches support managers of all levels to shape their leadership roles consciously, effectively, and with pleasure, to master challenges and to develop into true leadership personalities. In our work together, we always take the individual potentials and our clients’ personality factors into consideration.

Of course, all contents of the coaching between the coach and the coachee remain confidential, even in regard to the contracting companies.

Frequent topics in Management Coaching:

  • Strengthening leadership competencies and personality
  • Mastering the challenges of everyday leadership
  • Reflection on your personal external impact
  • Goal-oriented professional positioning
  • Strengthening decision-making competency
  • Developing conflict solution strategies
  • Working on perception skills
  • Communication in an appropriate and confident manner
  • Recognising personal strengths and potentials
  • New or difficult team constellations
  • Becoming a change maker

Individual solutions for you and your organization

Our customers about us

"A great experience, which has left its mark on me personally and professionally, and a path that is far from over. I’m also learning more about it every day and I'm happy to take out my personal documents when I have specific questions! Absolutely recommendable for people who want something more than the usual standard!"

Anja Babbe-Wulf, District Manager Assurances

"Inspiring, appreciative and with a lot of heart and soul! This is how my team and I experienced the workshops. Refreshing ways of thinking stimulate reflection and provide encouragement and motivation for further development. Gladly, time and time again!"

Executive, Otto GmbH & Co. KG

"Martina, these were two great, eventful and instructive days! Every day, I get new, positive feedback from my team. I can’t recall ever being so fired-up after such a meeting. I feel great and full of energy! Thank you very much."

Sebastian Schull, Sales Director, Sennheiser Vertrieb & Service