Coaching dialogues at the workplace – leading them with confidence and in a solution-oriented way

This further education programme is designed for newcomers to coaching and employees in positions of trust (e.g. in Human Resources, on the workers’ council or most trusted employees), who would like to develop the basic tools to lead their first coaching dialogues in a goal-oriented and confident way in their companies.

In addition to learning the basic tools, you will also concern yourself with your own matters and attitudes and, thereby, work on your personal further development. To support others well within the framework of a coaching dialogue, it is helpful to become more aware of your own views and attitudes. In a practical manner and within the framework of this programme, we work on your matters and professional issues and situations. By means of theoretical input and practical exercises, in 4 modules each consisting of 3 hours, you will learn how to listen carefully, to lead dialogues in a solution-oriented way and to specifically pay attention to things about which professional and trustworthy conversations are concerned.

You will learn how to use the following basic tools:

  • Solution-oriented questions
  • Raising your degree of self-effectiveness – changing your external impact
  • Gaining the feeling of security and confidence in challenging situations
  • Specific use of language (Meta-model)
  • Changing perspectives
  • Phases in a coaching dialogue
  • Definition of well-formed goals
  • Systemic basic principles

What’s more, you will be provided with the helpful basic knowledge of the dynamics of change processes and learn which topics are appropriate, or less appropriate, for coaching dialogues and when it is the right time to call in an expert.

A coaching dialogue at the workplace can help to discuss a matter or a colleague’s problem in a trusting framework so that he or she, on the one hand, feels understood and taken seriously and, on the other hand, simultaneously receives new impulses to develop his or her own solution to the matter.

Dates, location and price

Programme: 4 modules, each of 3 hours; date by appointment

Fees: The fees consist of 2,500 € + VAT, in total.

Location of course: BCA Business Coaching Akademie GmbH & Co. KG, Wandsbeker Zollstraße 5a, 22041 Hamburg or branch location: Geniner Straße 120, 23560 Lübeck

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Our customers about us

"Inspiring, appreciative and with a lot of heart and soul! This is how my team and I experienced the workshops. Refreshing ways of thinking stimulate reflection and provide encouragement and motivation for further development. Gladly, time and time again!"

Executive, Otto GmbH & Co. KG

"Bettina Seidel-Whitelaw is a master at how to think her way into team structures, how to ignite team spirit by implementing exciting tools and methods and, at the same time, how to show each team member his or her own potential and that of others. My team incredibly enjoyed the workshop - the feedback was extremely positive, and the “WE”-feeling is still noticeable today."

Director, ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

"Martina, these were two great, eventful and instructive days! Every day, I get new, positive feedback from my team. I can’t recall ever being so fired-up after such a meeting. I feel great and full of energy! Thank you very much."

Sebastian Schull, Sales Director, Sennheiser Vertrieb & Service