Systemic structural constellations

Solutions, actions and changes become easily recognisable

Everywhere people come into relationships, they not only function as individual persons but also as a part of a system. Whether in a family, on a team or in a larger organisation, systems are characterised by complex, reciprocal relationship structures and function according to their own rules that can even override an individual’s personal intentions.

Making complex structures visible

The systemic constellation process makes these structures, legitimacy and affecting forces visible. Involuntary rules, dynamics and strategies come to the surface. Disruptions are recognised and, in doing so, can be made a subject of discussion and solved. For this reason, the constellation is well-suited to make complex overall situations visible, for which an individual would not be able to solve for him or herself.

For this purpose, it is not important for all parties in a system to take part in the constellation. They can be represented by a neutral third party or symbols that, acting as a member or an aspect of a system, can be “put into a constellation” in relation to each other.  The change of perspective brought about leads to a deeper understanding which contributes to the solution of the matter or problem.

Frequent topics for systemic structural constellations

  • Difficult working relationships, e.g. with colleagues, partners and bosses
  • Accelerating development and change processes
  • Establishing goals or reorientation, professionally and privately
  • Difficult group or team constellations
  • Other difficult relationship constellations
  • Solving smouldering conflicts

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