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To optimally develop management and staff, Harrison Assessments provides the necessary information about their individual performance potentials and needs. Thus, the profile provides a reliable foundation for decision-making based on concrete measures with regard to professional and personal development. In order to see which position in a company is worth considering for further development, a comparison with the qualification profiles of other job profiles in a company can be conducted.

Harrison Assessments is also suitable for the development of managers. It clearly indicates the leadership potential and, as the case may be, the areas that need to be developed. It can also be used to determine whether the style of leadership fits to the company’s leadership culture.

The Harrison Assessments profile is ascertained by means of an online questionnaire which takes about 30 minutes to answer.
The Intelligent Questioning Technique measures 175 different characteristics. The Paradox Technology indicates preferred behaviour in various areas of activity in working life under normal conditions as well as under stress.
The profile is marvellously suitable for coaching in that it shows personal strengths and potential as well as the development possibilities that are associated with it.

A Harrison Assessments profile provides quick and transparent information about a candidate’s suitability, professional cover profile, stress factors, attitude and development recommendations. A savings of up to 70% of the time needed in the application process is the result of this possible, very fast initial selection.
Each profile can be matched to over 6,000 benchmark qualification profiles. So, for every position to be staffed, valid qualification and competence profiles, necessary behavioural competencies, binding and engagement factors, motivation, needs and degrees of freedom are defined and compared.

Harrison Assessments is an internationally renowned instrument which helps companies to find the right employees, to optimally develop them and to bind them to the company by means of exceptional workplace satisfaction.
Harrison Assessments profiles provide dependable information concerning the performance potentials and needs of applicants, employees and managers. They offer a tangibly reliable basis for decision-making for the choice of staff and their development.
The tool is the result of 25 years of research, is used in 46 countries and 29 languages, is DIN and ISO-certified and suitable for companies of any size. Its validity has been proven time and time again.

Harrison Assessments is one of the few job-related, multi-dimensional diagnostic instruments having a high degree of acceptance and proven validity. It is available in 29 languages and is, thus, usable world-wide. The 25 reporting possibilities allow for a comprehensive picture of a person from different perspectives.
Further advantages of Harrison Assessments:

• Paradox Technology
• 6,000 benchmark profiles
• Intelligent Question Techniques measure 175 characteristics
• Available internationally in 29 languages
• Consistent, authentic results
• 25 online reporting possibilities

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