Make Change happen!

As systemic coaches, we work goal- and solution-oriented and with a clear view of the essentials. We love working with people and enjoy meeting them eye-to-eye, responsibly and without prejudging. Everyone is different and that’s a good thing.

As experienced observers, we quickly recognise what moves people and companies, what is really at stake and which topics and dynamics are critical or necessary for change to occur or for teams or processes to work.

One of our most important tasks is to give feedback. We speak openly about what we notice, get things to the point and ensure that the unspoken is named. With humor and ease, we get the ball rolling even on supposedly difficult topics.

We believe that change is possible for every person and every company at any time. In very personal and trusting work relationships, we usually succeed very quickly in reaching people and finding out together what it takes.

It is important to us that while working together that our clients, themselves, learn to develop change competencies that they are able to apply successfully in practice without us. We believe: the more the change maker, the better!

Coaching is a matter that´s close to our hearts. We love what we do and are always committed to and passionate about our work. We have many years of experience and competence in our field and receive a wonderful response from our clients.