Funding options

Some of our trainings are considered to be vocational training, for which, if certain conditions are met, state subsidies may be requested.

For those who are interested and for our valued clients of the BCA Business Coaching Akademie, we are currently in the midst of the certification process of the quality management system according to AZAV. As soon as we are AZAV certified, we will report on what will then be possible for our clients in regard to funding opportunities for further education, individual coaching and other offerings.

Find an overview of funding options which some of our participants have benefited from:

Bildungsprämie des Bundes

The federal government of Germany promotes professional development with the Bildungsprämie des Bundes, worth up to 500 euros. Funding goes to the employed, to mothers or fathers on parental leave, as well as to women returning to the workforce after being absent for more than 25 years, whose annual taxable income does not exceed 20,000 euros (40,000 euros in joint taxation).

Important: Before registering for the training, a consultation with one of the approved government bodies must occur.
More information about the “Bildungsprämie” can be found here:

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