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Our process and development days are available for all graduates of our trainings and coaching programs, who welcome further supervision of their personal and professional development in a group setting.

Each participant is given the opportunity to bring their current issues and work experiences, in order to reflect on them in a professionally facilitated framework, and to obtain distinct personal feedback from supervisors and the group. In addition to the supervision, the participants have the opportunity to also obtain useful supplementary theoretical input on the issues at hand.

Experience shows that the participants often gain instructive insights and impulses for themselves and their own development by working through their own issues, the issues of others, as well as through the dynamics of the group process. Their existing coaching, process and leadership skills are further strengthened.

Our process and development days are an open training: Each day is a self-contained event and can be attended independently of other trainings days.

Dates & prices

Process and development days for BCA graduates take place on 1 day from 09:00 to 18:00. It is possible to participate as often as you like.

Costs: EUR 490,- plus VAT per day. The price includes snacks and drinks.

Location: Hamburg

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