Coaching competence for professional and private practice

Recognising potential, supporting yourself and others specifically in regard to development and being able to successfully shape change – more than ever before, such coaching competence is the key to professional success and personal satisfaction.

More and more managers, advisors, self-employed individuals and HR employees take advantage of such coaching competence for themselves, driven by the desire to truly reach people and effectively support them to realise their goals and intentions.

Further education at the BCA Business Coaching Akademie

Based on over 20 years of coaching experience and our great passion for people and change, we have developed further education programs, which are continuously improved upon and which have found enthusiastic participants over the course of many years.

In our further education program “the little coach“, you learn the basic tools of how to lead your first coaching sessions in a company in a cognisant and confident manner. For example, this can be a co-worker’s issue or problem which you speak about in a trusting environment, having the focus on feeling understood, for one thing, and developing your own solution strategy for your issues at the same time.

In addition to learning the basic tools, you are also concerned with your own topics and attitudes, thus, continuing to further develop yourself.

You can register for our open further education programs in Hamburg and Lübeck at any time. Feel free to contact us.

Or, are you interested in our more extensive program to becoming a business coach, IHK certified? All further information can be found here.

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