BCA Experten -

Christiane Eymers

Year of birth 1973

  • Trainer and coach since 2014
  • Main focus: general communication, personality and team development, accompanying change processes, conflict management, mediation, mindfulness topics
  • Education: Law and mediation
  • Lawyer since 2002, mediator, specialist lawyer for employment law and family law
  • Further education: business coach IHK; system and team constellations, accredited TMS® advisor

As a lawyer, mediator and coach, I accompany and support people from the heart in their conflict and change processes. I do such within the framework of workshops, coaching and mediation. I enjoy giving lectures and imparting my knowledge into the world that I have learned in my various roles and that I have experienced in practice. Encouraging people with humour, changing their perspectives and looking under the surface so that they come back to their self-efficacy and vibrantly reach their goals is what I stand for.

“One is either part of the solution or part of the problem. I have decided to be the former.” Michail Gorbatschow